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Engines and spare parts

Engine as one of the most important parts of any equipment, has a special place in our catalog. We offer a full range of YaMZ, MMZ (Minsk Motor Plant), MSW, CHETRA, Lombardini and other manufacturers’ products.

We are the official dealer of the largest domestic and foreign factories. Therefore, we can guarantee fast delivery, low prices and brand quality assurance to our customers.

A wide range of engines, spare parts and accessories are always available at our warehouses. If we are lack the necessary products in stock, we will deliver it as soon as possible.

Book engines and spare parts with Belagro and take the gauge of our first-class technical service!

Tires for various types of equipment

Tires  is a critical component that determines the reliability, safety and efficiency of any equipment.

The group of companies "Belagro" offers a wide range of tires for agricultural, construction, road and industrial machines as well as for trucks of domestic and foreign production.

Today our product portfolio consists of more than 300 types and sizes, and is presented by such brands as "Belshina", "Omskshina", "Dneproshina», «Tyrex», «Voltair,« Alliance »and others.

We offer quality products, low prices, optimal conditions and terms of delivery.

Our highly-qualified specialists will provide assistance in finding the necessary products, as well as full transaction support, taking into account your individual needs.

Your equipment will be "shod" in the reliable bus with us!

For more information, please contact the managers of any of the branches of «Belagro."

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